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Benefits of Registering Luxury Vehicles in Montana Tax-Free

Have you ever considered purchasing a Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, or other luxury vehicles but hesitated because of the prohibitive sales tax? We can help you take steps to legally register a luxury vehicle in Montana and avoid paying sales tax entirely.

The state of Montana is a renowned business-friendly climate. Most of our clients decide to register their luxury vehicles here in the Big Sky State because Montana does not charge a vehicle sales tax to its residents. Our business address is in Flathead County, Montana; you will avoid any excise taxes on titled property that you would accrue from working with registered agents in other Montana counties. Furthermore, Montana vehicles are not taxed as personal property because of the revenue the state gains through nominal licensing fees.

Luckily—though tempting as it may be—you are not required to pack up your whole life and move to the mountains to take advantage of the tax benefits. Instead, all you need to do is form a Montana LLC, which will become the legal Montana “resident” for whom we can register your vehicle. This legal process is all normal and commonplace in Montana. (Fun fact: there are more supercars and RVs registered in Montana than people).

We process for you regardless of your state residence, the state your Driver’s License is registered in, and irrespective of where you purchase your vehicle. Neither you nor your vehicle ever needs to touch Montana soil to acquire Montana license plates and purchase your out-of-state luxury vehicle without paying sales tax. In order to establish a legal LLC in Montana, the state requires you to hire a Montana Registered Agent who will file for you and maintain your entity on an annual basis, and that’s where we come in.

How to Register a Vehicle in Montana to Avoid Sales Tax

  1. Go to the Online Order Portal.  Our process is simple. Place an order using our streamlined self-service portal and enter some basic details.  
  2. Form a Montana LLC.  We form a Montana LLC for you using our local business address in the application and provide you with all LLC documents.
  3. Purchase your vehicle in the Montana LLC’s name.  You own the LLC, and your LLC will own the vehicle. Your car dealer will send us the title information for the vehicle. We then submit accurate and expedited titling and registration forms to the DMV.
  4.  Receive your vehicle registration. The title arrives 2-4 weeks later. The title of your vehicle will be under the name of your Montana LLC, not you personally. Your Montana plates will arrive in the mail.

The cost of hiring us to register and maintain your vehicle under a Montana LLC is a drop in the bucket compared to the upfront savings you’ll receive on avoiding sales tax.