Boat Registration

Register a Boat or Yacht in Montana to Avoid Sales Tax

If you’re considering purchasing a boat or luxury yacht, we can help you first to form a Montana LLC and then buy the vessel under the LLC’s name to save a boatload on sales tax. A Montana LLC is considered a legal resident of Montana. Therefore, Montana residents are exempt from sales tax or personal property tax to vessels titled in Montana. Best of all, Montana boats have permanent registrations and one-time registration fees.

How to Register a Boat or Yacht in Montana to Avoid Sales Tax

  • Form a Montana LLC.  We form a Montana LLC for you using our local business address in the application and provide you with all LLC documents.
  • Purchase your boat or yacht in the Montana LLC’s name.  You own the LLC, and your LLC will own the vessel. Your boat dealer will send us the title information for the vessel. We then submit accurate and expedited titling and registration forms to the DMV.
  • Receive your boat or yacht registration. The title arrives 2-4 weeks later. The title will be under the name of your Montana LLC, not you personally