Montana LLC

When conducting business in any state, you are legally required to file taxes to the state and federal governments. However, you can always operate a business and file taxes under your name and social security number if you choose to. This structure is known as a sole-proprietorship. However, under the sole-proprietor structure, your assets are liable in cases of a business bankruptcy or a lawsuit.

To protect their (personal) assets from loss, many savvy business owners will form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) to run their business. An LLC is a legal entity in the same way that a person is a legal entity. So, when you own an LLC, if your company gets sued or goes bankrupt, your assets are protected because you’re not personally responsible – the LLC is liable. Another advantage to an LLC is avoiding double taxation that other structures are subject to.

Forming an LLC helps limit your liability when starting a business. However, many clients also choose to form a Montana LLC to save money by avoiding sales tax on expensive purchases. Because a Montana LLC is a legal entity, it is considered a resident of Montana with all the same rights and privileges. You can hire us to create and maintain your Montana LLC. Then you can register your expensive vehicles, yachts, boats, cars, airplanes under the Montana LLC name to avoid paying the sales tax on the purchase.  

How to Start a Montana LLC

Using our streamlined online portal, you can enter some basic information and we can take care of
accurately filing everything on the backend to easily form your Montana LLC.

1. Go to the Online Self-Service Portal. Here you can enter information about your business so we
can accurately file for you.
2. Name your business. Your business name must be unique so make sure that it is available on
the Montana Business Database. Also be sure to choose a name that is not too similar to
another existing business.
3. File Articles of Organization. These documents include details about your LLC structure. We
will file for you on the Montana Secretary of State website.

a. LLC Name
b. Duration –how long you want your LLC to exist
c. Mailing address –you can use our business address to protect your private information
d. Montana Registered Agent information
e. Member/Manager Information
f. Management Structure (member-managed vs manager-managed)
g. Title and signature of the person filing

We will gather all of the above after your order is placed through our online shop page HERE

The Montana Secretary of State will process your Articles of Organization within 7-10 business days. For expedited processing, your entity can be formed in 24 hours for $90 or in 1 hour for $170. Starting a Montana LLC is simple and affordable.

The initial filing fees are a mere $70 and annual maintenance costs are only $20 for filing annual reports. You can always form an LLC yourself, but all
Montana businesses are still legally required to have a Montana Registered Agent to be a liaison between you and the state.